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Poor Credit? Home Equity Loan Option

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Bad credit home equity loans can offer you a way out if you find yourself in financial difficulty; however, you do need to realize the repercussions are heavy should you default on payments. With bad credit home equity loans, you give up some of your ownership in your home, as your home serves as the guaranty on the loan. If you find you are unable to make the loan payments, you could lose your home.

While the prospect of losing your home is certainly not a pleasant one, bad credit home equity loans can offer a wonderful short-term avenue to improve your credit. With your home serving as collateral, you can then consolidate all your existing debts and start on the to a debt-free existence. You can also greatly increase the overall value of your home by investing the existing equity into home improvements.

The amount of money you can borrow via a home equity loan is determined by the difference between the portion of your home that you already own and what you owe on future mortgage payments. You can usually use the loan you obtain for all home improvements, including landscaping as well as other large life expenses. Many people choose to refinance or lower their monthly debt payments by procuring a home equity loan.

Like any bad credit loan, you can expect to pay a higher interest rate with a bad credit home equity loan. Even with high rates, most of these loans still offer lower interest rates than those given by credit card companies. You will save money by brokering such a loan to pay off existing debtors.

What are some resources for these types of sub-prime loans? It may be hard right now to be approved for these loans but you may try some lenders such as Countrywide.