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Apartment Really Cheaper in Smaller Populated Area?

Friday, March 14th, 2008

This article today that compared apartment rent in Oklahoma City to New York City kind of amazed me. First, you normally cannot pick which city you can live in because of your career. I doubt most can move to Oklahoma City because their company may not even be found in Oklahoma if it is in a larger city such as NYC. Second, people who live in larger cities such as NYC, may not want to move to a small town that do not have a comparable social life or happiness. You must find where your career takes you and find a place where you will be happy.

One good point of this article is that it could open up the possibility of someone who has not considered having an easier life and working less if they lived in a smaller populated city. Then again you could move to New Jersey or even Albany, NY and save money on rent compared to living in Manhattan. I would even consider a move to Chelsea or Village area.

In a Manhattan apartment that costs $1,600 a month or more to rent, you’d be lucky to have a separate bedroom, a dishwasher and a living room that fits a full couch.

Get a job transfer to Oklahoma City and a 1,228-square-foot, three-bedroom apartment in a luxury development with its own clubhouse, hot tub and swimming pool can be yours for only $989 a month.