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Get $20 added to your account scam

Normally I am not fooled by email scams because of past mistakes, viruses (trojans), and spyware problems.  I have been a victim of password theft to my important email account and lost it for a several earth shattering hours.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Lending Tree to Announce Stolen Data?

Just as I am trying to log-in to my Paypal account that says it may have had some fraudulent activity and going through a zillion steps to put out that fire I read an email with some breaking news.  The … Continue reading

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Drive Faster, Save Gas

Gas prices are climbing to all time highs right now at over $4 for diesel fuel and regular unleaded. The wholesale has reached new benchmarks at almost $120 a barrel. Possible invasion of Iran, Combat in Iraq, Demand, among hundreds … Continue reading

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Tax Day Tips

My favorite day of the year.  April 15th… only if you are into torture.  You know the day the Uncle Sam a.k.a. grim reaper shows up at your door and takes half of all the money you have worked hard … Continue reading

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Is Cash still King?

Don’t let the recent IPO’s of Visa and MasterCard fool you.  There are a few reasons that some refuse to pay on credit or people that have been ripped off because of retailers who went bankrupted such as Sharper Image.  … Continue reading

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