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Chase Double Summer Bonus

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

chase visa summer double bonus
Chase Bank is offering a Summer bonus to stimulate your spending in July, August, and September. This is a welcomed bonus at a time that everyone is cost cutting and looking for ways to save on summer travel.

The 2% bonus came in the mail to me as a folded up mailer but it made me jump up and down when I saw I could save 2% back – at that time I thought it was on everything I spent. I should have known Chase was not in that good of a mood when they sent me the mailer. I looked at the fine print and discovered that it is only 2% back or double rewards on “Vacations” such as airfares, car rentals, and hotels. Which is better than nothing.

Although it does get worse. When I looked more at the fine print I noticed that my Chase Freedom card double promotion was only good up to $50 in bonus rebates which is close to $5,000 in spending. I was hoping to use the card in Europe so that will help some with the huge transaction fees that Chase and Visa/MasterCard allow compared to a Capital One card.

The up to $50 back is better than the Summer offer from Discover card which only gives you up to $400 in spending at the 5% Cash Back or maybe it kind of equals out since the Discover offer is at 5% but allows less.

The cards featured in the Chase Summer promotion of double rewards are the AARP, American Kennel Club, Chase Freedom Card , Disney Rewards, Sony Card, Amazon, British Airlines, Mary Kay Visa, and various Chase rewards cards.