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Worried about stolen laptop data?

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

This new company called Gadget Trak can help you if you are a small business owner who stores private information on a laptop or if you keep lots of personal banking and credit data of your own on a laptop or phone.  I first saw this reported on a local news station of how this got some laptop thieves arrested when the Gadget Trak service tracked the IP address of the victim’s laptop and turned on the web cam taking a video and pictures of thieves.

If you are worried of storing information on your computer because it could get stolen by id thieves this is one more step to take.  We seem to live in the day of big brother where we have to track our own devices just to make sure our own money does not get stolen from right under us.  Then again you have to decide which is best for you — tracking of your laptop or the security of knowing your id is that much more protected.

The best thing to do when your laptop or device such as an Iphone is stolen is to make sure the data is destroyed. Data such as password information and notes you have on your computer could really hurt your identity.

More information on this gadget tracker can be found here.  Read more on id theft and the hassles we face on this blog.