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More Ways to Save on Gas

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Gas prices may not be as high as they were a few months ago but we are still seeing big numbers at the pump.  We also have less money to spend at the pump.  There are layoffs and people being fired everyday and with inflation hitting us steeply it will only get worse.  People loosing their jobs need to find ways to save money and gas is a good place to start.  The way I see it, we need to do many things

1- people stop driving as much.
2- Quit allowing ourselves to be gouged and raped at the pumps.
3- Actually invest NOW into bio fuels.  Don’t just offer tax incentives and research, make it actually happen.
4- Allow more oil refineries to be built.  Oil is not low in supply at the moment, the refineries just cannot put enough out to meet the demand.  This is a short term fix only, and would do so to help with the gas prices.  In the mean time, we need to be working on solar and bio power supply.

But for now, the immediate fix would be make gas gouging criminal, like it should be.

I am not driving anywhere that is reasonable distance- been riding my bike to the post office, UPS, errands, etc.

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