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Two Ways to Save Money at Six Flags Amusement Parks

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

If you ever pay full gate price to get into an Amusement park then you are “goofy” or “dumbo.” Not to call anyone names but come on this is a no-brainer when almost every soda can in the city has amusement park offers labeled on it to save $5 or $10 on general admission or maybe get a child in for free.

This year is no different when it comes to the Coca-Cola cans and Pepsi cans with savings to places like Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor.  You just have to know which soft drink to buy but that comes obvious when you get to the store.

If you wish to save more on the retail gate prices at the Amusement parks then you should get a AAA membership.  AAA is offering a Member Exclusive where the Print-N-Go fee is waived and then they give you 10% savings on in-park merchandise with any purchase of $15 or more at selected Six Flags operated stores.  The best part is the 30% off you get which will pay for your $50 or so AAA annual membership.  I guarantee that thirty percent is much more than you will get with a Coke can or Pepsi can.

Discover Card allows you to also save money when you buy your Six Flags tickets online.  They give you 5% cash back when you make a purchase with the family friendly park.  You just have to sign into your Discover card account and use the Shop Discover tab.

One other good reason to check out Six Flags over Texas this year is that they got their liquor license.  When you get anxious to ride that roller coaster you can down a beer and ease up a bit.  Just do not drink too much since you will be moving around at high speeds.

Discover Card Pulls the Plug On $20 Cash Rewards

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Discover Card has made what some may call a fatal mistake in the credit card industry.  Discover was known for its small bank-like friendliness until now.  They gave you a real cash back onto your statement which was the most non-hassle of them all.  The credit crisis has made all the banks greedy including the friendly credit card issuer Discover Card.

Discover now is making you wait until you get $50 in reward to get cash back instead of the $20 previous.  This is more than double the increased time to have to wait and to have to make more and more purchases which some people may have to wait years to add up the small under 1% payouts from Discover.  This is a sad change to Discover policy that recently changed.

I have been with Discover Card for over ten years now and never have they pulled a fast one on me like this.  The fact that I could go online and redeem my $20 to my account was the ONLY reason I had a Discover Card instead of a Citi ThankYou or a Chase Points card where there is much more hassle involved.

The customer service rep acted as if we could earn more in their shopping mall called ShopDiscover.  ShopDiscover is nothing more than a site where they get paid the more you buy online from the links they send you.  EVERYONE has one of these now including Chase and Bank of America Add It Up.  This service is similar to Ebates and online shopping malls with the airlines.  This is certainly not the answer to the steep increase of redemption at Discover Card.

My friends, family, and co-workers will all be in shock when they sign into their account online and find that they will no longer be able to redeem cash at $20.  Of course, there will be the $20 redemption of gift cards that no one wants for these companies that are all going out of business like Red Lobster (I mean really?).

Call Discover at 1-800-347-2683 and complain.  Get this changed now!!

MTV Visa for the Entertainment minded

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

If you like catching sports games in person, watching movies at the theater, and eating some taco bell on your date then you may be in luck.  The new Capital One card ad I saw today from a MTV community website is definitely targeted to young males who spend lots of money at these places.

There are two card offers for the MTV Visa Card from Capital One.  One is for Limited Credit and the other is for Good Credit.  I do not really see any mentions of Student card but I supposed that is saved for the Citi version MTVU card which mainly targets College students.

Give me the rewards!

  • 5 points per $1 spent on entertainment like music, movies, video game rentals, and sporting events
  • 2 points per $1 spent at restaurants, fast food places, and coffee shops
  • 1 point per $1 on everything else
  • 25 bonus points each billing period you keep your account in good standing by paying on time – These are special rewards for those who “do good” similar to Citi’s Myspace Forward Card.

The only difference in the MTV good and limited credit card is that the good credit profile’s get 0% until April 2010; after that, 16.9% variable.  The bad dudes who have limited credit get the high interest of 24.9% variable stoned into their billing statement.

The MTV credit cards have no annual fee and neither offer balance transfer fees.  There are 4 hip hoppin MTV rockin cards to choose from.

How do you get your no hassle rewards?

You may Redeem for MTV stuff, events and shows, or create your own MTV experience.  You can get gift cards from retailers,  give points to a charity,Trade points for cash and save up for your next purchase, or Fly for free on your next vacation for as few as 15,000 points.  The latest MTV rewards are always posted on the No Hassle PointsSM website, which you can access once you get your MTV Visa card.

Capital One seems to hate me they deny me every time I apply for a credit card even though I make over the required amount and have a great credit score.  They claim I apply too often.  Maybe they will let me attempt to be cool with this MTV generation Visa Card.  This card has 4 designs with one of the moon man, one all access and some other fun colored cards.

KFC Oprah Coupon Ripoff Alert

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

KFC, formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken where you can have a heart attack just by walking inside the place recently launched grilled chicken.  With Oprah’s help they gave away a coupon on her show that was supposed to be downloaded from her website.  Not only was the coupon not downloadable from her site but they directed you to the site where you actually had to download software to use the coupon.  Yes, you had to download an .exe file from this coupon website probably the worst of spyware for your computer.  I downloaded the .exe file knowing that I might could trust what was on Oprah’s show.  Keep in mind this is the first time I have willingly fell for a spyware download in years.

Now the software is running and the printer gave me my coupon.  I look it over and notice that it says managers choice on the 2 pieces of chicken you get in this two-piece mean coupon.  That comes as something I had assumed since they could run out of one part but of course you will not be getting a breast like they picture in the ad.  I quickly erased anything having to do with that couponprinter.exe file after I printed the coupon.  It has to be printed before tonite at midnight but can be used up until May 19th excluding Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days for the KFC restaurant chain.

As my mouth was watering in the drive-thru up at KFC for those two pieces of grilled chicken, two sides, and a biscuit everything quickly came to an end.  The drive-thru lady told me that they were out of Grilled Chicken and it would be 20 minutes before they could cook it.  I asked if you can possibly get Chicken breasts with this deal and she said no.  So they were out of the goods they bragged about on the coupons and I am sure white meat is not included in the managers choice.

It is a shame that the Oprah show would send her viewers to a site that asked for a download of an executable file to someones computer for one thing.  The risk of that is far greater than the cost of a free KFC meal deal and KFC could not even hold up to their bargain at 9:30pm when it is not their peak time.  This is a scam worse than any I have actually fell for in quite some time!

$60,000 Debit Card Sweepstakes

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

If you are looking for some fast money it might be easier to win that money using a debit card these days than trading on the stock market.  The chances of the stock market going up very much are about as slim as a debit card sweepstakes in this economy.  Chase and ING Direct are two big banks participating in the MasterCard debit sweepstakes.

You could win $60,000 with your Electric Orange Debit MasterCard from ING Direct when you use your card to make a purchase or to pay a bill.  MasterCard will then enter you for a chance to win $60,000!  The entry period runs from April 1st to June 30, 2009, so you have to hurry to make this offer. You get one entry for each bill you pay and whenever you sign for a purchase.  You can sign up for ING Direct here.

One of the bills you can pay off is your telecom bill or even your taxes.  Your federal taxes can be paid off with your debit MasterCard by the IRS or Link2Gov and be automatically eligible for this promotion.

Notice though that PIN based and international transactions are not eligible so you must sign or use a blink type purchase.  To learn more about this MasterCard sweepstakes you can see their site at then look for bill promo.