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Two Ways to Save Money at Six Flags Amusement Parks

If you ever pay full gate price to get into an Amusement park then you are “goofy” or “dumbo.” Not to call anyone names but come on this is a no-brainer when almost every soda can in the city has … Continue reading

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Discover Card Pulls the Plug On $20 Cash Rewards

Discover Card has made what some may call a fatal mistake in the credit card industry.  Discover was known for its small bank-like friendliness until now.  They gave you a real cash back onto your statement which was the most … Continue reading

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MTV Visa for the Entertainment minded

If you like catching sports games in person, watching movies at the theater, and eating some taco bell on your date then you may be in luck.  The new Capital One card ad I saw today from a MTV community … Continue reading

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KFC Oprah Coupon Ripoff Alert

KFC, formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken where you can have a heart attack just by walking inside the place recently launched grilled chicken.  With Oprah’s help they gave away a coupon on her show that was supposed to be … Continue reading

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$60,000 Debit Card Sweepstakes

If you are looking for some fast money it might be easier to win that money using a debit card these days than trading on the stock market.  The chances of the stock market going up very much are about … Continue reading

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