“Chase Away Debt” Relief Scams

debt spam exampleI received a disturbing email today from Jill West today with an address of Alvera@aybyra.com. I first thought it was from Chase because the logo was so similar but then I scrolled down the page and the MSNBC logo was on there to make it look reputable. The email just looks plain legit if you are one to just click on logo’s that look like the real thing. When you examine the email more closely it has some characters at the bottom that do not make sense and then when I mouse over the click-able Chase-like logo ad it sends me to a page that is hosted at vczzmt.com. A site that sounds nothing like true Debt Consolidation. I would not click any link with that type of mouse over.

Chase Bank will most likely be disturbed by this email. This is clearly copyright infringement using Chase’s logo and MSNBC’s logo for inappropriate use. The logo looks so close to Chase to confuse people and is highly misleading. Making this our phishing scam of the week. Comment your phishing scams you have dealt with but NO links please.

Chase has nothing to do wi

Finding a Credit Card is Easy!

You know I dislike debit cards.  I have never understood why so many people use debit cards instead of credit cards. With credit cards you get at least a 20-day free loan but you have to have the self governing power to pay the bill off before the end of the month or when it is due just like any other bill.  You do not want to pay the high interest rates you get charged by the banks in this day in time.

When searching for the credit card that fits your lifestyle you need to consider rewards versus interest rates.  The other factors in finding a credit card is your credit if you have good credit you can normally get better rewards but if your credit stinks then you better just start out with a lesser card such as the Orchard bank or Buy Right.

Most of us have average credit and should apply for that card.  A good site to compare the various cards online is here at 123 Easy Card.  This is a simple site for those card shopping before the Holiday season race begins.

Here you will find offers such as the Freedom and Sapphire cards from Chase Bank.   You may also see Citibank, American Express, Discover Card Platinum, and many others.  My favorites are the Discover and Chase cards because I dislike these annual fees that banks such as Bank of America are threatening over our heads.  Say no to annual fees and yes to rewards.

Real Estate Agents should share their listings on their Facebook Profiles

If you are a Facebook junkie like myself you might consider sharing your listings on your profile but not in an annoying way.  Use the social networking site Facebook to keep up with your friends and family but also show off some of your professional interests at the same time.  Just make sure when sharing your professional insights and experiences on social networking sites that you do not drive them to the delete button with all your advertising and marketing activity by not going mad posting real estate listings.  For those new to social networking sites, it is easy to take the wrong approach to social networking by blasting your listing information repeatedly to your connections.

The solution is to use a SeeMyListings.com Widget to Place Your Listings on Your Facebook Profile.  For Facebook users, there is now a simple solution.  Use the listing widget provided by the National Association of Realtors and Realtor.com to place your listings on your Facebook profile.  Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Go to SeeMyListings.com.

Step 2 – Click on “Add My Listings.

Step 3 – Log on to your Facebook account.

Step 4 – Enter your MLS provider and user name.

Step 5 – Click on “Add to Profile” or “Update Listings.”

This is a great tool or application to be able to automate the addition of your listings to your Facebook profile.  Five easy steps to get your listings on Facebook without annoying your friends, family and even colleagues.