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Foursquare Apps can save you this Shopping Season

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Say you are shopping for the Big Black Friday weekend or just out doing some Christmas shopping on your vacation time you may not think about taking time to Check-in with Foursquare. Foursquare is an app made for the iPhone and also on Android that lets you Check-in just like Facebook places. The only thing is it normally is time consuming to have to pull up the app and check in to every store you pull up to or every restaraunt. This Foursquare app does it with ease but now gives you a better reason than just earning badges and being able to brag to your friends that you were shopping at Neiman’s or Dining at Three Forks with your other half.

Facebook places and Foursquare are both now adding coupons to their inventory of check in locations and making it well worth the effort of checking to see if your store has a coupon. If you cannot find a coupon close or promotion then keep seearching because I bet it is closer than you think. I was eating at one restaurant and almost left to go over to Chili’s to use their appetizer coupon then caught my self shopping in the mall and headed to the stores that offered better savings. Check it out on your iPhone and you will be addicted to this app.

One example of this app coming in useful is if you are shopping in an area that is close to a restaurant that is offering a special on Foursquare. Say you are inside Toys R’ US and you check-in to find that Pei Wei has a free appetizer. Ok, time to head over and unlock the Free appetizer badge.

Discover Card Orange Bowl Experience

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Do you want to be treated like a VIP at the Orange Bowl coming up in 2011? Discover is the new sponsor of the Orange Bowl for the next few years and they are bringing it to college football fans in a major way. Your Cash Back Bonus can not only start paying your Discover Card bill and buy you gift cards for retail stores but now it can get you to the game. Look at it this way if you start putting all of your Christmas and Holiday shopping on your Discover Card you could well be on your way to these exclusive tickets, Fan Zone, Tailgate, and maybe a glance at the halftime act. Starting December 1, you can redeem Cashback Bonus towards the purchase of an exclusive Discover Orange Bowl experience that includes:

* Lower-level, sideline tickets to the game
* A sneak peek at the halftime entertainment the night before the game
* Snacks and entertainment at the pre-game Discover Tailgate
* Admission to the Game Day Fan Zone

This experience is available to Discover cardmembers with a minimum of $20 Cashback Bonus. Redeem $225 Cashback Bonus (per ticket) for this experience or apply at least $20 Cashback Bonus and pay the rest with your Discover card.