Pinpoint Credit Card Fraud App for Cell phones needed?

The Fear of Fraud has been taken one step further with the introduction of Pinpoint. Pinpoint Fraud’s website shows a video of them scaring you into thinking someone could be using your debit card somewhere without you knowing it. The Piinpoint service is there to monitor your purchases and your location of your cell phone at all times then they analyze it and text you if they see something suspicious.

What PinPoint is not telling you when they want you to sign-up with them and pay $6.95 a month is that your credit card company already provides this. Chase, for example will call you if you have made purchases in other states or made too many large purchases. The card companies look at your geographic location but they do not need you to slow down your cell phone with an app to do this.

Another reason PinPoint is not worth your time is because when you purchase something online it will not be in the location of where you are. This is because online businesses may have their processing center far from their store address or it could be with a company like Paypal that is not exacly local.

Most of these add-on credit card or debit fraud detections are worthless and a hassle you do not need. Even though the PinPoint service is Free with just one card it is not worth your time.

$50 Bonus from ING Direct

I noticed this on my Tivo which the discount could work for anyone even if you do not have a Tivo if you just type in the promo code. This promotion is for a $50 bonus ING Direct account opening.

Notice they use the words No Drama after the no Checking Fees.  Nice wording when your speaking to an audience that wants to be entertained such as Tivo.  We want drama but not with our Checking accounts like we get with the old-fashioned banks.

Electric Orange works like a Checking account but earns like a Savings with No Fees.  Keep in mind you have to get the money to your ING Direct account it does not just appear and you will not be able to drive-thru and speak with a teller.  But who can turn down Fifty bucks!

See more at or just click on your home screen on the Tivo controller and you may see the advertisement at the bottom.