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Discover Card Loyalty does not pay off

Friday, February 18th, 2011

The brand loyalty to the Discover Card just does not pay off I found out recently. In my recent Discover billing statement I got a notice that they want to thank me for my loyalty with a special card design. The old design of the Discover Card – let me jump up and down now! SO I get to pretend I am living in 1990 when I first got the card and thought it was kind of a trendy looking thing but yet reminded me of that Discover travel outdoor magazine more than a money having piece of plastic. This is what I get for my loyalty to you for over 15 years?

What they should have given me for my loyalty was a better credit line. My credit is excellent yet I only have a 5,000 limit with them and I recently applied for another Discover Card for a 0% Balance transfer offer which did not help at all. They told me I would have to split my old line of credit in half for $2,500 to make it even lower. A Balance transfer of $2,500 is nothing compared to what other card issuers give out.

It seems my loyalty to Discover is not doing much for my side of things. This is telling me I will use them a few months for this BT offer then cancel EVERYTHING Discover. I am not only frustrated with Discover but am insulted with my income and credit history being Excellent they cannot give me more than $5,000 limit. I get to carry around a card that looks like 1986 with the black and orange but not reap the benefits of being a long term Discover card holder?

My message to Discover card is to pay attention to your cardholders if you want to be around another 25 years. There is a reason you are the underdog it is because you barely give us a credit limit to stand on and while we are going through hard times as a country you need to step up the game. If you want to compete with the big dogs such as MasterCard and Visa you have to offer something more than UP to 1% for your loyal cardholders. You need to offer something better than a redemption level of $40 if you want cash which is worse than American Express. Your card was exciting back in 1986, but now it offers nothing to stand out from the 3% offers, 5% offers, and FULL 1% offers.