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Amazon Doesn’t Pay you for Personal Clicks

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

This pertains only to those who have signed up for a reseller or affiliate program through I ordered a few major items from a link on my Amazon Affiliate account and had no idea they would not count the link and credit my account. After waiting a few months I emailed them and they responded that they do not give discounts to personal accounts. Most affiliate programs do so that leaves Amazon one of the only that cheats us out of money we could have gotten by going to another site to buy the product.

The bottom line is if you order stuff online and expect to be paid for it then do not use your Amazon link. Go to the Amazon site look up the company selling it then use Ebates or one of your Airline miles malls online to find a link then order it to get your 3% or sometimes 6% commissions you should be getting with Amazon.

I am glad to have finally asked them to figure this out for once. I will never order though an Amazon link again and hope no one else does! They need to learn to pay their affiliates and treat them well. If we order something personal with our link then we should damn well get the discount. Shame on you Amazon.

The big online retailer could lose out big if all of us use other sites directly such as Sony Style to order a new Bravia Plasma TV or a new computer. They will also be losing out on sales such as iPhones and expensive vitamins. I will just buy my vitamins from Vitamin Shoppe’s ebate link or use’s link.

Chase’s $500 Winner Wonderland Contest

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

If you know someone who has actually won a bank contest they would probably tell you it is easy to get the money in your account without waiting as long as most contests. Then again what are the chances of winning? Chase reveiled a new contest for the Christmas shopping season or as they have their own version of Winter Wonderland to get you in the spending mood. A creative name indeed of Winner Wonderland where you need to enroll at a local branch then make a purchase using your enrolled credit card for one entry. You get five entries when you make a donation to a charitable or social service organization with your enrolled Chase-branded credit card.

Someone will win every hour a prize of $500! One winner will be randomly selected from every one-hour period. This will take place with Hourly Drawings that begin 12:00:01 AM ET on 10/3/11 and end 11:59:59 PM ET on 12/30/11. Note that No Hourly Drawings will be held on weekends or Holidays (Columbus Day, 10/10/11; Veterans Day, 11/11/11; and Thanksgiving Day, 11/24/11). This is most likely only in areas where there is a Chase bank branch but good luck!