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$4 Generic Meds for Pets

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Pet ownership comes with the responsibility of providing prescription medications for the pet when necessary. Many pet prescriptions can be expensive unless purchasing $4 generic meds for pets. Super store pharmacies offer various medications for pets as generics just as they offer for people.

Kroger, Walmart and Target, along with other pharmacies, will fill prescriptions written by licensed veterinarians for pet meds. These stores carry generic medications as well as the brand name ones. It is in the pet owner’s best interest to obtain a list of which meds are offered as generics and their prices. Taking this list to the vet will allow the vet to decide if there is a medication on the list which will efficiently treat the animal and then write a prescription for it.

While many generic prescriptions are $4, there are also other generic medications available for $10 and the name brand meds which are more expensive. Not all pharmacies offer the same generic medications. Obtaining a list from several different pharmacies will allow the owner to know where to locate a prescribed medication for the best price. Some stores offer price matching. If this is the case, taking a price list from one store to a preferred pharmacy can allow an owner to get a medication for a lower price. This is especially true if one store has a medication on a $10 generic list while another store has it on a $4 generic list.

Types of medications available as generics varies. Some of the more common ones are antibiotics. Tetracycline and Amoxicillin are two popular prescriptions which fall in the $4 generic price range at most pharmacies. Other common meds prescribed are Tramadol HCL for motion sickness and Prednisone for allergies and skin irritations. These medications are the same ones used for human prescriptions. Pets normally receive the same medication but just at lower doses than what their human owners would be prescribed.

Pet Owners in Uproar over United and Continental PetSafe Program

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Starting March 3, United Airlines and its charter jets will change the way they transport your pet. And although the airline’s fees for transporting animals are in line with what other carriers charge, the change could end up costing pet owners thousands of dollars. The change in policy means pets will now be transported as cargo rather than checked luggage. Some military families living overseas are outraged by a new United Airlines policy that will require pets that can’t fly in the cabin to travel as cargo.

Why is this happening? Well it comes from a merger that was let through by US Government from the mega-airlines and this is what happens when two big corporations get together. This pet transport program is not new though it was already established on Continental known as “PetSafe.” This means your your loved pets can no longer go on board for the $250 it normally costs from U.S. destinations and some international travel. Military families may end up paying up to $1,500 having their pets flying as cargo. There are already several petitions online to get this policy reversed.