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Southwest Airlines One Day Sale 35% Off

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Thirty five percent off is a huge deal when it comes to discount airfares. I thought I would post this even though it is late in the day and I found some deals on this myself. Southwest is currently running a one-day sale today for 35% off select flights on May 22nd, May 30-31, June 5-6, July 4-5. The discount is only for Wanna Get Away Fares, which are Southwest’s lowest fares already. Since this is a one-day sale all travel must be booked today on 5/15/2012 by Midnight. Use discount code SUMMER12. If you are interested in gaining the most Southwest Rapid Rewards points as possible I suggest you read this.

Facebook IPO opened up to E*Trade Account holders

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

If you were around when Google shook the IPO world you would know back then it was quite the advantage to have an E*Trade account. The Google IPO went for $85.00 and is now at $612. Just owning a few shares would have made you a happy investor. It is not everyday that the average Joe gets a chance at buying the initial public offering of a big company so why not at least give it a try. Their is one difference with the Facebook and Google IPO. The Google IPO was more of an auction listing and this Facebook IPO seems to have a limit or maximum amount you will purchase it for. They give you a range and you decide. It will most likely be set at a price of $35 next week when it goes live. Another difference is the minimum amount. Google did not have one and Facebook asks for a minimum amount of 50 shares. Basically that means you better have around $1,750 to begin to play this game on the stock market.

This is an aggressive growth investment so people such as Warren Buffett will not be on this bandwagon. It is a huge risk and there are lots of naysayers on this upcoming IPO. It is hard to say if it will be successful or not in the long term but I can guarantee in the short-term it looks to have a big following and lots of likes.

Signing up for this IPO through E*Trade is not exactly what you would imagine. You need to answer a few questions first and you can’t answer them like a beginner. One of the questions to look out for from the SEC is “Of the total amount of your investable assets, what portion will this investment represent?” If you answer more than 50% I doubt you be accepted in this IPO. It will also ask you “Given the lenth of your trading experience and the frequency of your trades, how would you consider the extent of your overall investment experience and knowledge?” I answered Good and was disqualified during the Google IPO days. Or maybe I answered Limited but the answer is most likely Excellent. They are just watching out for you as an individual investor not to get yourself caught up in something too big for your wallet or your mortgage.

5% on Grocery Shopping with Discover in May

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Now that April showered it is time for May to bring the flowers and good produce at the grocery store for those of us that are not fortunate enough to have a green thumb at gardening.  All of May all you have to do is have a Discover Card and sign up for their promotion to get 5% back on Groceries up to $15.  The bigger savings is with the restaurants up to $1,500 for the quarter if you are signed up on the same cards.  If you are a Chase cardholder of the Freedom card you can get 5% back on groceries up to $1,500 for the months of May and June.  If you are not getting any cash back on your grocery purchases you have the wrong card!

1,000 Free Priority Club Points for Watching a Video

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Priority Club rewards is giving away points left and right this week. If you are not familiar with Priority Club Rewards it is the program under the InterContinental Hotels that own one of the most popular hotel chains. Drum Roll… Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza brands. Let’s start with the easy points where all you have to do to earn an easy 1,000 is to watch this video and enter this promo code PGFTNHNAD3.
Then come back and sign up for these offers below: (more…)

Club Carlson 4,500 free bonus point sign-up to use at Radisson Hotels

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

This takes a few steps but is totally worth it if you want a head start on the rewards program used for Radisson hotels worldwide. It says that you need an e-Rewards membership to do this but I signed up for this without one. e-Rewards is a great program to sign up for if you have time to click on sites and fill out surveys you can top off your Hilton HHonors, Hawaii Air, or American AAdvantage accounts. When you fill out this form and enter promo code (ERWD2012) you can join Club Carlson today and receive 4,500 bonus Gold Points.

No this is quite a different approach than most offers because normally you have to join e-Rewards to get bonus points for Delta or American Airlines and that normally amounts to 250 miles. This offer allows you to sign up in Club Carlson today and receive 4,500 bonus points without even having to become an e-Rewards member.

What do you say if a restaurant does not take credit cards?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

This is what we do if they only take cash and do not take credit cards. We get out fast and find a restaurant that does.

SavvyMoney to maximize debt payments and decrease interest

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

We found a company that offers debt relief by creating a three step customized plan that both tracks your debt and designs a pay off plan that effectively reduces the total amount of interest paid out over the course of time. The keys to success on the plan are the realistic and accurate recording of both the outstanding debts and the money available to pay off the debts.

Step 1: What Is the Situation?

After you sign up and pay the nominal monthly fee for their Pro services, you spend time inputting your current financial situation into the SavvyMoney program. You will need to know balances due, monthly minimums due, due dates and interest rates. Money available to pay credit charges is also necessary information.

Step 2: SmartPay Plan

The SavvyMoney program takes the financial information that you input to calculate the fastest way to pay off all your debt at the lowest interest cost. The program shows you exactly how long it will take you to get out of debt and how much you will pay in interest.

Track Your Progress

Once you have set up your payment plan, this personalized debt option does not abandon you. You can track your progress by account. The colorful bar graphs are a visually pleasing reminder of of your goals, and you can keep track of payments and purchases by credit card. Keep an eye on your spending habits and look for ways to reduce credit card usage to maximize your progress. For example, if you traditionally charge monthly newspaper costs to a card that is never paid off monthly, consider writing a check instead to reduce the balance that interest is being calculated on.