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Southwest Airlines One Day Sale 35% Off

Thirty five percent off is a huge deal when it comes to discount airfares. I thought I would post this even though it is late in the day and I found some deals on this myself. Southwest is currently running … Continue reading

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Facebook IPO opened up to E*Trade Account holders

If you were around when Google shook the IPO world you would know back then it was quite the advantage to have an E*Trade account. The Google IPO went for $85.00 and is now at $612. Just owning a few … Continue reading

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5% on Grocery Shopping with Discover in May

Now that April showered it is time for May to bring the flowers and good produce at the grocery store for those of us that are not fortunate enough to have a green thumb at gardening. ¬†All of May all … Continue reading

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1,000 Free Priority Club Points for Watching a Video

Priority Club rewards is giving away points left and right this week. If you are not familiar with Priority Club Rewards it is the program under the InterContinental Hotels that own one of the most popular hotel chains. Drum Roll… … Continue reading

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Club Carlson 4,500 free bonus point sign-up to use at Radisson Hotels

This takes a few steps but is totally worth it if you want a head start on the rewards program used for Radisson hotels worldwide. It says that you need an e-Rewards membership to do this but I signed up … Continue reading

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What do you say if a restaurant does not take credit cards?

This is what we do if they only take cash and do not take credit cards. We get out fast and find a restaurant that does.

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SavvyMoney to maximize debt payments and decrease interest

We found a company that offers debt relief by creating a three step customized plan that both tracks your debt and designs a pay off plan that effectively reduces the total amount of interest paid out over the course of … Continue reading

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