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Foursquare Apps can save you this Shopping Season

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Say you are shopping for the Big Black Friday weekend or just out doing some Christmas shopping on your vacation time you may not think about taking time to Check-in with Foursquare. Foursquare is an app made for the iPhone and also on Android that lets you Check-in just like Facebook places. The only thing is it normally is time consuming to have to pull up the app and check in to every store you pull up to or every restaraunt. This Foursquare app does it with ease but now gives you a better reason than just earning badges and being able to brag to your friends that you were shopping at Neiman’s or Dining at Three Forks with your other half.

Facebook places and Foursquare are both now adding coupons to their inventory of check in locations and making it well worth the effort of checking to see if your store has a coupon. If you cannot find a coupon close or promotion then keep seearching because I bet it is closer than you think. I was eating at one restaurant and almost left to go over to Chili’s to use their appetizer coupon then caught my self shopping in the mall and headed to the stores that offered better savings. Check it out on your iPhone and you will be addicted to this app.

One example of this app coming in useful is if you are shopping in an area that is close to a restaurant that is offering a special on Foursquare. Say you are inside Toys R’ US and you check-in to find that Pei Wei has a free appetizer. Ok, time to head over and unlock the Free appetizer badge.

Two Ways to Save Money at Six Flags Amusement Parks

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

If you ever pay full gate price to get into an Amusement park then you are “goofy” or “dumbo.” Not to call anyone names but come on this is a no-brainer when almost every soda can in the city has amusement park offers labeled on it to save $5 or $10 on general admission or maybe get a child in for free.

This year is no different when it comes to the Coca-Cola cans and Pepsi cans with savings to places like Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor.  You just have to know which soft drink to buy but that comes obvious when you get to the store.

If you wish to save more on the retail gate prices at the Amusement parks then you should get a AAA membership.  AAA is offering a Member Exclusive where the Print-N-Go fee is waived and then they give you 10% savings on in-park merchandise with any purchase of $15 or more at selected Six Flags operated stores.  The best part is the 30% off you get which will pay for your $50 or so AAA annual membership.  I guarantee that thirty percent is much more than you will get with a Coke can or Pepsi can.

Discover Card allows you to also save money when you buy your Six Flags tickets online.  They give you 5% cash back when you make a purchase with the family friendly park.  You just have to sign into your Discover card account and use the Shop Discover tab.

One other good reason to check out Six Flags over Texas this year is that they got their liquor license.  When you get anxious to ride that roller coaster you can down a beer and ease up a bit.  Just do not drink too much since you will be moving around at high speeds.

Discount Gas Cards

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

With high fuel prices , many people are looking for ways to save and reduce their gasoline expenses. Discount gas cards can help you cut your overall costs. There are several different card options when looking for gas discounts. One is the gasoline rebate credit card. These are common, offered by a number of leading credit card providers, and can be affiliated with a specific service station. A better option may be station or chain specific discount cards. These are loyalty incentives and rewards, and typically are free or very low cost. You might also find that you can get a discount on your gas simply by paying cash.

While using a credit card to buy gas can cause you to accumulate debt, many gasoline credit cards do offer substantial rewards. While the discount may not be at the pump, it likely will provide you with a rebate, either in cash or fuel. If you typically shop at a specific service station, consider applying for their card. Do read the terms carefully to determine what will give you the best rewards. Many gas rebate cards offer their best rebates when used at the pump at the affiliated station, so be sure that you choose one you can easily access and routinely visit when you need to fill up.

Discount prices for gas are often associated with shopping at a particular retailer, and with their loyalty discount cards. Warehouse shopping clubs like Sam’s and Costco may offer discounts at their affiliated service stations. You might also find that a discount of a few cents a gallon are available if you purchase store gift cards for some chains and buy gas at their service stations. These associated stations frequently use a loyalty fuel rewards program to encourage customers to shop at both the service station and grocery store. It might be worthwhile to check stores in your area and see if any participate in these sorts of loyalty gas discounts. Some of the major chains offering these sorts of programs are Kroger and Safeway, but a store in your area may have a similar program. Discounts in these loyalty programs can be as low as a few cents a gallon or as much as .10 cents a gallon. You may also find coupons for gas on the back of your grocery receipt which can help you save if you do not have access to other discounts.

High gas prices hurt many of our wallets. Smart shopping with gas rebate cards, discount card options, and other loyalty discounts can reduce your costs at the pump , especially if combined with choosing the least expensive convenient station in your area. Using the tools available to help you save will keep more of your money in your pocket.

Fuel Boosters Ripoff

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Gas prices are raging high now that we are knee deep in summer travel season and people are on the lookout for anything that will help.  Do not count on gas additives to boost your fuel consumption.  A government agency recently named some advertising claims to avoid such as “improving fuel economy by 20%” and Federal government approved


The EPA has tested over 100 devices and only came back with six that gave improvements in fuel economy.  These are also fractional improvements in the mileage.  Do not fall for these ripoffs even if you see it on TV or hear it on the radio.

It may not be a good thing for your car to put in additives.  If you want to boost your fuel then drink a healthy protein drink and ride your bike to work that is the best way to get around in these trying times.  It may also make your heart stronger for when you see the pump prices in a few months.

MagicJack or Landline phone service?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

The MagicJack is as small as a ciggarrette lighter and it plugs directly into your desktop or laptop’s USB.  This small device allows unlimited calling to the U.S. nationwide and Canada and will even feature International locations soon.  MagicJack only costs $39.95 for an entire years worth of calling and features such as voicemail (and caller id, call waiting, 911).  What is not to like about this “magic” phone service?

Is the MagicJack too good to be true?  I have seen many complains online ranging from it containing adware in the terms and conditions to people being charged before the trial membership runs at at 25 days.  I am always skeptical of anything that is this cheap and how and why it works.  You normally have to look into how this company is making money from such a little profit before you start giving in to the idea.  If you start a free trial then cancel it after a week.  That should be all the time you need to tell if it is working for you and if you want to keep the ‘magical’ device.

It is neat that you can plug a landline or cordless phone into the jack that plugs into your USB.  We will be seeing more and more products like this coming out.  Keep on the lookout for more ways to save money on your phone bills and cancel your landline service.

If you wish to save more money on your landline service then switch over to mobile At Home Networks which AT&T and T-Mobile are offering.  They offer services where you can boost your home cell phone signal for as little as $10 month extra using your DSL or cable broadband.