$4 Generic Meds for Pets

Pet ownership comes with the responsibility of providing prescription medications for the pet when necessary. Many pet prescriptions can be expensive unless purchasing $4 generic meds for pets. Super store pharmacies offer various medications for pets as generics just as they offer for people.

Kroger, Walmart and Target, along with other pharmacies, will fill prescriptions written by licensed veterinarians for pet meds. These stores carry generic medications as well as the brand name ones. It is in the pet owner’s best interest to obtain a list of which meds are offered as generics and their prices. Taking this list to the vet will allow the vet to decide if there is a medication on the list which will efficiently treat the animal and then write a prescription for it.

While many generic prescriptions are $4, there are also other generic medications available for $10 and the name brand meds which are more expensive. Not all pharmacies offer the same generic medications. Obtaining a list from several different pharmacies will allow the owner to know where to locate a prescribed medication for the best price. Some stores offer price matching. If this is the case, taking a price list from one store to a preferred pharmacy can allow an owner to get a medication for a lower price. This is especially true if one store has a medication on a $10 generic list while another store has it on a $4 generic list.

Types of medications available as generics varies. Some of the more common ones are antibiotics. Tetracycline and Amoxicillin are two popular prescriptions which fall in the $4 generic price range at most pharmacies. Other common meds prescribed are Tramadol HCL for motion sickness and Prednisone for allergies and skin irritations. These medications are the same ones used for human prescriptions. Pets normally receive the same medication but just at lower doses than what their human owners would be prescribed.
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Hospital Insurance Plan Offered from Credit Card Company

I recently canceled my Travel Medical Insurance so I am pretty open to things when they come in the mail to be somewhat of a supplemental insurance to my existing insurance. I canceled the Travel Medical Insurance I had on my American Express Hilton HHonors card because it was $59 and I really only used it for international travel. It turns out my international travel is covered by my Oklahoma Blue Cross/Blue Shield Policy so there is no need for this anymore. Plus the fact that I have not used the Travel Medical Insurance in several years and have my own insurance policy it really does not seem to act as supplemental insurance.

Today I found an interesting offer in the mail from Household Bank Credit Card that said they would allow me to collect up to 365 days of cash benefits for each covered hospital stay. This would include $200 daily benefit adding up to $73,000 a year and $146,000 overall. I noticed they keep putting the zeros in the letter behind the $73,000.00 making it look like $73 Million or so to the weak sighted or those who do not proofread carefully.

They then use the scare tactics by saying this $73,000 a year could be used as cash for utilities, groceeries, lost wages, mortgage, or rent in such an emergency as this hospital stay. The letter goes on to say the hospital confinement cash benefit doubles up to $400 a day for 365 days of costly intensive care up to $146,000 a year in addition to any other insurance.

The cash comes to me or someone I choose from what the letter says which sounds nice so it is not going to the hospital directly. It also states I can spend the cash anyway I want including everyday expenses, bills, at-home assistance, etc.

They only want $10.25 a month to cover me but an additional $7.30 to cover my family. While it is cheap it sure does not cover much. It would pay for itself if you ended up in intensive care at $125 a year cost but then the small emergency room coverage of $100 is not much.

I called a rep and asked if this is a loan or an actual cash payment. They claim it is a payout where we would not owe them back the money we paid out. It sounds like a deal to me but it does make me want to ask some more questions such as Will they cover me if I do not charge my hospital to this particular credit card? Will they cover me if I do not call them before going into the hospital? I assume they will because I do not see it state otherwise.

The plan is paid the first 60 days by HSBC and is Underwritten by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. Keep in mind it does not cover those trying to commit suicide nor those intoxicated or with drugs in their system. Don’t be trying to commit suicide because your hospital bills are too high then claim it on here.

The bottom line is that $146,000 of supplemental coverage for hospital bills is not that much when it comes to the medical world of bills but it might help out since the cost to me or you is only $125 a year.