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No more CVS Vanilla Reloads with Credit Cards

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

CVS Vanilla Reload CardsYou may already know this if you have tried to use a credit card to purchase a Vanilla Reload Card lately but CVS is making big changes this year. We knew once they outlawed cigarettes in their stores they will start taking away other pleasures that can get out of hand. I read on some frequent flyer blogs that there is a rumor going around about a memo sent at CVS drug stores that said effective the last day of March there will be a override in the cash registers to stop credit cards from being used. I went to CVS and purchased $1,500 worth of Vanilla reload cards that day and it worked fine. I went today and it no longer works. So it may take some time to reach all the CVS stores but we are pretty certain it is nationwide at this point where you can no longer use anything but cash to pay for Vanilla reloads. (more…)

StubHub Fan Rewards Pilot Program

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Stubhub is now testing out a pilot rewards program. StubHub Fan Rewards is the first program designed to reward fans for buying tickets through their site. It’s free to sign up for this new program and you get some of these benefits:
• Get up to 3% in rewards on every eligible ticket purchase
• Receive a $10 StubHub FanCode every time you earn enough rewards
• Superstar members can earn complimentary seat upgrades and one-of-a-kind fan experiences

After I signed up they even gave me a welcome gift. An free electronic delivery FanCode for you to use in the next 30 days. Not to put any presure on me or anything but 30 days.. Yikes! Ok, I better find me a concert to attend soon and prove to them I am the master of rewards!

How does this program work? You can earn rewards on every eligible purchase and as a StubHub Fan Rewards Star member, you’ll earn 2% in rewards toward a $10 FanCode on every eligible purchase. An eligible purchase is any purchase you make on, including service and delivery fees, but excluding any FanCodes, gift certificates, or account credits you apply to that purchase. When you make 10 purchases or spend $2,000 in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31), you’ll automatically qualify as a Superstar member and start earning 3%.