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Win Fuel for a Year from Shell Gas Stations

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

One of my biggest expenses right now happen to be what is on everyone’s mind which is the high gas prices. I have decided to go around and enter every possible contest I can when it comes to getting free fuel. This contest sounds promising. The “FUEL FOR A YEAR” Viral Peer Sharing Promotion from Shell Gas. They are the number one selling gasoline brand in the U.S. Shell is celebrating its NEW formula of Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines with this promotion so they are giving the pricey substance away.

One lucky winner will have an opportunity to protect their engine with free Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines for a full year. By entering now you have a chance to win and also learn how you can increase your chances by the email they send you. The promotion ends 5/5/12 11:59:59 PM EDT. I only had to answer three questions before submitting my entry.

Here are some interesting terms from the contest. The Grand Prize is calculated on the average consumer’s yearly gasoline consumption of six hundred and thirty-six (636) gallons (4.5 fuel purchases per month multiply by 11.77 gallons of gasoline per purchase multiply by twelve (12) months) per year and at the present-day $3.59 (US) per gallon (consistent with the U.S Department of Energy statistics for regular grade gasoline as of February 20, 2012).

Fluctuations in gasoline prices after February 20, 2012 will not affect the calculation of the Grand Prize amount. The Grand Prize will be rounded up to the next fifty and be awarded in the form of forty six (46) $50.00 (US) Shell Gift Cards which may be used for the purchase of gasoline. Gift cards are subject to separate terms and conditions imposed by issuer.

Enter Contest and then come back and get a $200 Cash Rebate from a gas credit card. (more…)

Chase’s $500 Winner Wonderland Contest

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

If you know someone who has actually won a bank contest they would probably tell you it is easy to get the money in your account without waiting as long as most contests. Then again what are the chances of winning? Chase reveiled a new contest for the Christmas shopping season or as they have their own version of Winter Wonderland to get you in the spending mood. A creative name indeed of Winner Wonderland where you need to enroll at a local branch then make a purchase using your enrolled credit card for one entry. You get five entries when you make a donation to a charitable or social service organization with your enrolled Chase-branded credit card.

Someone will win every hour a prize of $500! One winner will be randomly selected from every one-hour period. This will take place with Hourly Drawings that begin 12:00:01 AM ET on 10/3/11 and end 11:59:59 PM ET on 12/30/11. Note that No Hourly Drawings will be held on weekends or Holidays (Columbus Day, 10/10/11; Veterans Day, 11/11/11; and Thanksgiving Day, 11/24/11). This is most likely only in areas where there is a Chase bank branch but good luck!

You can win big in Facebook and Twitter contests

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

We scoured the web for endless Lists of Facebook and Twitter Contests and came up with people winning everything from iPads to dinner for two at local restaurants. If you have the time there are many contests to enter and sometimes all you have to do is click LIKE or Tweet about a company to win.

In addition to being a great way to reconnect with friends, Facebook is one of the greatest ways a business can convey promotions to large masses of people. There are always hundreds of contests surfacing on Facebook at any given time. This article will give a list of the most popular, current contests on Facebook.

1. DHC Skincare: Spring Clean Sweepstakes

DHC Skincare is giving out 200 bars of DHC Moisturizing Clear Soap to winners. The value of each bar of soap is about $20. Entrants have one chance to enter.

2. Speed: All Star Giveaway

By simply liking “speed” on Facebook, you can win over $10,000 and other great prizes. Because you can enter this contest once a day, you have greater odds of winning this contest with consistent daily entries.

3. Travelsmith: Taste for Travel Sweepstakes

The Travelsmith sweepstakes contest also allows entrants to have a greater chance of winning. Entrants can enter this contest up to three times a day. Winners will receive Travelsmith gift codes worth $25, $50, or $250. In addition, the grand prize winner will receive a week-long cruise on a European river.

4. Pottery Barn: Summer Party Contest

Pottery Barn is hosting yet another one of its contests for stylish home interior goods. The Summer Party sweepstakes allows entrants the possibility of winning a Fruits de Mer party for 20 guests. The total worth of this prize is $10,000. Entrants may enter the contest at least once a day.

5. Dunkin Donuts: Unfreeze It Contest

Entering this contest on Facebook, one has a chance to win a true variety of prizes. One of the best prizes is an entertainment package worth over $1,600. Other prizes include gift cards from Mountain Dew and Dunkin Donuts, Flip video cameras, snowboard, skate decks, and other prizes. Entrants may enter this contest once a day.

6. Wacky Photo Contest

This fun contest calls for entrants to take a wacky photo of a favorite kitchen item and submit it into the contest. There will be more than one winning entries. One can win an Apple iPad or giftcards to There are unlimited entries into this contest, so a person has a very good chance of winning this contest.

7. OxyClean: Brighten Up Your Ball Game Contest

This special contest will award $10,000 to a child’s baseball team or league. This is a great contest that seeks to give back to the community. Entrants may only enter this contest once.

8. Quaker Oats Sweepstakes

The Savor the Moment sweepstakes through Quaker Oats allows entrants to win a number of prizes. Some of the leading grand prizes are a home entertainment center, family night at the movies, and a digital camera. There are also samples of Quaker Oatmeal available for winners of this contest. One may enter this contest once a day.

9. Burt’s Bees Contest

The winner of this Burt’s Bees contest will get a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York. There are also a limited number of Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm sets available through this contest. A person can enter this contest in person or through email once a day.

10. California Pizza Kitchen Facebook Contest

This California Pizza Kitchen contest is one of the most popular contests on Facebook, because the prizes are simply incredible. The grand prize of this contest is $100,000. Other prizes include $50,000 or $35,000 in cash. Another fun prize available through this contest is free meals for one year at California Pizza Kitchen. Entrants are able to enter this contest once for every visit they have to a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant. The odds of winning a prize from this contest are great, since millions of other prizes are being awarded.

11. Entenmann’s Sweepstakes

Through this contest one can win one of many Apple iPad devices. Entrants can enter this contest once on a daily basis.

12. Jergens Contest

In this contest, one can win fabulous prizes in addition to Jergen’s body care goods. Other prizes include a flip camera, iPod touch, or $50 SpaFinder gift cards.

These are some of the hottest contests on Facebook right now and allow entrants to enter multiple times, thus increasing the odds of winning! Have you won any contests through social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook? Let us know in the comments section or link us to a contest that is going on right now that you would like our readers to enter.

$60,000 Debit Card Sweepstakes

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

If you are looking for some fast money it might be easier to win that money using a debit card these days than trading on the stock market.  The chances of the stock market going up very much are about as slim as a debit card sweepstakes in this economy.  Chase and ING Direct are two big banks participating in the MasterCard debit sweepstakes.

You could win $60,000 with your Electric Orange Debit MasterCard from ING Direct when you use your card to make a purchase or to pay a bill.  MasterCard will then enter you for a chance to win $60,000!  The entry period runs from April 1st to June 30, 2009, so you have to hurry to make this offer. You get one entry for each bill you pay and whenever you sign for a purchase.  You can sign up for ING Direct here.

One of the bills you can pay off is your telecom bill or even your taxes.  Your federal taxes can be paid off with your debit MasterCard by the IRS or Link2Gov and be automatically eligible for this promotion.

Notice though that PIN based and international transactions are not eligible so you must sign or use a blink type purchase.  To learn more about this MasterCard sweepstakes you can see their site at then look for bill promo.