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Amazon Doesn’t Pay you for Personal Clicks

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

This pertains only to those who have signed up for a reseller or affiliate program through I ordered a few major items from a link on my Amazon Affiliate account and had no idea they would not count the link and credit my account. After waiting a few months I emailed them and they responded that they do not give discounts to personal accounts. Most affiliate programs do so that leaves Amazon one of the only that cheats us out of money we could have gotten by going to another site to buy the product.

The bottom line is if you order stuff online and expect to be paid for it then do not use your Amazon link. Go to the Amazon site look up the company selling it then use Ebates or one of your Airline miles malls online to find a link then order it to get your 3% or sometimes 6% commissions you should be getting with Amazon.

I am glad to have finally asked them to figure this out for once. I will never order though an Amazon link again and hope no one else does! They need to learn to pay their affiliates and treat them well. If we order something personal with our link then we should damn well get the discount. Shame on you Amazon.

The big online retailer could lose out big if all of us use other sites directly such as Sony Style to order a new Bravia Plasma TV or a new computer. They will also be losing out on sales such as iPhones and expensive vitamins. I will just buy my vitamins from Vitamin Shoppe’s ebate link or use’s link.

Twitter Cash Kits Can Make You Nothing

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

The latest and greatest scam has hit my email box today and they actually are charging for this kit.  A kit that teaches you how to make money on twitter which is a web site that does not even make money on its own much less others making money from it.  I highly doubt there is any way to make money from twitter or Facebook unless you are using the social networking sites to gain or keep current customers and build report.  People are not on twitter or Facebook to buy things they are on there to socialize and tweet about things.

The email advertisement states that Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, and your neighbor down the street are all making money from twitter.  I would like to know how?  Oprah is not making anything on Twitter and neither is your neighbor.  You could make $1,000’s a week by tapping into the gold rush of our lifetime according to this company.

This is just one of the get rich quick schemes coming to my inbox since the recession started and many are out of work.  This is only a way to get you in more debt and give people high hopes when they should be job searching or starting a real business.  If this twitter school really has 4 DVD’s of their program as pictured in the ad then that looks like the biggest waste of time known to mankind.  Twitter itself is a waste of time in my opinion.  Mow lawns, make specialty pizza’s, write a novel, but a tweet will not be making any money from something such as this.